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you know I really wish I could paint the puppy though that would be amazing

also I’m also going to tag these as frei plays origins

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so I went back to Ostagar after the dude who never gave me that map sent me there

cailan you poor child

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you know what

I think I”ll stick to linework for now I don’t have the poor child’s face down correctly

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I mean I really wish I could draw rugged elves but the minute I try to put the two words together my brain is like no

but yes red hair and bright amber eyes

he also looks like he just remembered a terrible joke

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you know sometimes you want to draw something aesthetically pleasing and then realize

people’s arms don’t have range of movement in that direction

but then you leave it like that anyways because whatever man

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I really love your art and everything and I was just wondering if you could draw Thomas Hickey from ac3 -////-
Asked by Anonymous

hey anon ;u;

I would but alas I….have not really seen him aside from what I’ve seen while playing as Haytham aha //shotdead

I mean I really can’t draw someone when I don’t know how to keep it IC uvu sorry

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nytrinhia replied to your post: the blood I draw still doesn’t really …

I think you need more brown/orange reds, less pink reds. Also just a hint more saturation. It’ll really depend on how long the blood has been sitting on his face before he wipes it away. Food dyes actually act/stain like wet blood a bit.

I guess it’s just a matter of getting the balance of orange and red right ahh

knowing what something should be and actually applying it are two very different things that I wish weren’t so different orz

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you know sometimes I used to wonder how people got so attached to their wardens and hawkes

this reminds me of a lot of the time I finally picked up AC2 and fell right through the seven rings of hell and kissed satan’s feet

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the blood I draw still doesn’t really look like blood but ah well

also I’m gaining more confidence in my lines so I’m wondering if I can make a transition but like

……….that’s a really big transition from painterly to other so

ah well

we’ll see what happens, might just end up a terrible mashup of the two

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and then i realized that cats aren’t looked upon so fondly by, well, the majority of the black people I’ve known.

ah well have an ade I’m happy with the sash