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Hi! I love your Dragon Age fanart. It's so cute and your OC's are really interesting. I noticed that you seem to have made a new one for Inquistion and was wondering what class/romance you were planning for them if you don't mind me asking?
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!! Hello
I’m really glad you like them ahhh ;; I tend to hide my OCs

Eremes is likely a tempest and idk about romances tbh?? I know he’d be really good friends with iron bull and annoy Cassandra to no end but idk much about romance / friendships yet ahaha

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Twitter sketches

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Oh my heart My achy-breaky heart
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//pats you


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and that was the last time the two sat in the sun together.

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I will paint you onto the walls

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I really enjoy the Noir Age series. Please keep it up!
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!! thank you aha

the prompt list is a mile long and there’s still So Much I Have To Draw

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mother of monsters, queen of the deeps

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do you do commissions? i'd love to commission you a few pics of my warden and hawke in your noir age au !
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commissions aren’t open at the moment, unfortunately, though even if they were open I’m offering only sketches and flat colour for now (you could definitely get a noir sketch though)

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holy crap your warden is one sexy mofo
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well that………is a pleasant surprise? ahaha //shotdead

he’s really shy though he’ll try to hold your hand and flee at the last second