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you must all share my pain

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— farewell, warden!

            we’re counting on you.

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colour references for my wardens and hawke I guess

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Twitter sketches
Sleepover AU, men with puppies, my Tabris flirting and Thing that is Supposedly Isabela

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the bunny ranger, lord of caerbannog, and his army of murderfluffs

never underestimate a swarm of deadly fluffies

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i think they’d get along together just from this point alone

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— destruction of the soul, etc. etc. etc., yes I know.

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I learned English through books but Agatha Christie books were particularly influential on my young twelve year old mind and I still love them

that being said I really wanted my Hawke to be the mental image I got whenever she mentioned ‘a young man with aristocratic features’ and I and I wanted Armand to be coolly courteous and extremely dry and sarcastic but

the diplomatic option is too nice, the charming option is too…zevran, and the intimidating option, is, well, too intimidating aha //shotdead

oh well! I’m loving playing a mage so far though be  th a n y

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