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steadily gaining small amounts of her disapproval { though I don’t think my warden is necessarily lawful good, he’s just too nice for her liking ehe }

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I’m so happy the puppy’s feeling better

I only wish I could pet the other ones though and then I realized you probably don’t want to pet those puppies

though when the guard at the front was like “haha these aren’t cute puppies” I was like eVERY PUPPY IS A CUTE PUPPY even if they will probably maul you but look how sweet they are with their……..human thing //shotdead

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so I made a pretty elaborate thing with the multiplayer characters and whatnot and in short

little officer viscardi

in his little toy car

keeping peace on the playground

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immortal buns

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Hi! I just found King of Swords though the Malik tag and WOW I'M SO IMPRESSED!!! It's absolutely gorgeous! I love the fluid shapes used in it and the imagery ugh You're amazing. Thank you for giving such a wonderful thing to the world!
Asked by dark-driger

I’m not entirely sure whether you mean the comic or the painting or the art nouveau piece { I need to start…not using that title anymore //shotdead }, but

thank you nonetheless ;u; especially if it’s the comic, it’s the second one I ever finished and still really messy

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nytrinhia replied to your post: so my pencil brush, when doubled up, a…

What do you mean by “doubled up”?

In photoshop, you can set a brush as your ‘double brush’ in brush settings — so I set the pencil brush as my double brush and then use the same brush to brush to b… yeah

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Is the brush one you've made yourself? It looks very nice! Is it up for download anywhere?
Asked by ourlivesonline


I actually found the brush through Phobs, I think, here’s a link to download for your own ;u;

the 9px one is set as my dual brush { though at 7px and at 5% spacing } in my brush settings, so when I select the 9px or 14px brush { or even the 3px round } with dual brush mode on it’ll give a nice pencil kind of texture.

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so my pencil brush, when doubled up, acts like…..a pencil. //shotdead

you’d think this would have been obvious but no apparently not

also this reminds me a lot of shojo manga but the character wears falsies and circle lenses so

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i think i made the head too big

and looks like my maximum when it comes to concentrating on a piece is two thirds of an indiana jones movie

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Pardon me but is that ezio? >\\> It looks amazing even though it's just a simple sketch! I love it!
Asked by la-picchio

— actually it was going to be Leonardo and then it somehow….did turn into Ezio aha //shotdead

and thank you ;u; I hope it looks okay in the future because I tend to fuck up my sketches really bad ;ajklsdjgiok